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Help shape the future of DropIN

We are looking for tech-savvy individuals to join our dynamic project team and help make DropIN the most comprehensive collaboration resource in the state.

Working with us you’ll be able to:


As a DropIN volunteer you will have the opportunity to develop skills in using this revolutionary business tool as well as gain insight into the workings of a influential advocacy body. You will also have the opportunity to build networks across the community sector through making this a great program for those interested in entering the sector.


We need volunteers with a range of diverse skills and helping them develop career experience and skills in their field is very important to us. We pride ourselves in matching our volunteers with work that aligns with their skills and personal objectives and continuously look for ways for self-improvement and development.


Be part of something revolutionary! Finding money to pay for IT systems in NFPs is a constant effort and there are no systems which help NFPs organise, share and manage their projects and initiatives. Your contribution to DropIN will give organisations across the state access to state of the art collaboration and help them do more with less!

Current openings

We currently have openings for volunteers so apply by clicking the button below and become a part of the DropIN Team.

Submit your CV and tell us in a small paragraph why you would like to work with us.

If you have any questions, contact us at: