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Hi, my name is Kath Sugars and I am a PhD student at Murdoch University. Over the years, I have been involved in a number of nonprofit organisations, including schools, sporting clubs and charities, as an employee, volunteer and committee member. Two things I know for sure. One, there are a lot of caring and dedicated people in WA, working to help others. Two, arguing about how to do this is an inevitable and creative process.

From time to time these arguments don’t readily resolve, and can result in opposing factions, hostility, and even the loss of multiple members. This happens despite organisations establishing strong structures, good leadership and positive cultures.

I am especially curious about how these ‘schisms’ affect human beings, as well as teams and organisations. Therefore, I am beginning my project by listening to people who have had such an experience, and are willing to share their recollections and reflections with me. I hope to glean insights into how to respond to situations beyond the rational, the predictable and the controllable.

If you would be willing to share your story with me, as an individual or as a group, I would be honoured. Please be assured I would treat your confidences with the utmost respect, and no person or group will be identified in any publication.

Interviews are scheduled for one hour, at your convenience, and any further commitment is by mutual agreement. Please feel welcome to call and ask questions, or discuss how you may be involved. My principal supervisor at Murdoch University is Megan Paull, or 9360 6040. My ethics application has been approved (2016/229).

I can be contacted by phone 0414 302 451 or email


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