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The Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study has been launched as the largest ever research study on and for NFP organisations, and all their employees and volunteers.



  • NFP Practice that enhances organisational leadership, capabilities and impact,
  • NFP Policy that supports the sustainability and success of the sector, and
  • NFP Funding that better invests in and converts capacity building.



  • Organisations get a FREE Workforce Analytics Dashboard to better understand & manage their staff. No set up requires, it’s all online.
  • Participants obtain immediately a FREE Personal Analytics Report on their work experience, job autonomy, wellbeing, professional development, and more.
  • Contributing to and championing the research will advance the NFP sector at large - all findings will be shared for FREE. Be part of it!



  1. Complete the online survey. No invitation required, go to
  2. Invite your employees and volunteers, and get your FREE Workforce Analytics, go to
  3. Share this opportunity with others in the NFP sector so they can benefit too!


This study is to help people like you, organisations like yours, and those you support.

The online survey is open until 31 October 2017.


The study is led by Learning for Purpose, Centre for Social Impact, The University of Western Australia, supported through the Australian Research Council, EY, Australian Scholarships Foundation, and Australian Executor Trustees. Data is used for research purposes only, securely stored, strictly confidential and subject to legal restrictions. Approved by the UWA Human Research Ethics Committee (RA/4/1/8885).


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